SIGN 2000 LASER CUT ACRYLIC LETTERS Router vs. Laser Cut Acrylic

 Lifetime GuaranteeLaser cut acrylic letters surpasses other acrylic letters and logos by a mile. Letter starts with its own impact modified, extruded acrylic, in gauges up to 1/2" thick in over 32 different colors. This means the color is through and through the entire letter assuring no more unsightly scratches, chips, or blemishes that can occur in a painted finish. Our 1000W lasers polish the edge return of all letters and logos as it cuts through the material, also providing a superior finish for your customer. Acrylic products are designed for outdoor use, but beautiful enough for indoor or in any application where precision is required.

Laser Cut Acrylic Statue of Liberty

Design Flexibility to the extreme.

  • From 1/2" to 72" letters with a polished edge.
  • 32 standard colors or choose a custom finish.
  • Your artwork is converted to an exact 3-dimensional acrylic replica.
Pigmented colors up to 1/2

The most letter for the dollar.

  • We nests thousands of orders to assure minimal scrap and lowest cost of acrylic.
  • Our 3 shift operations can produce your order in 2-3 days with all hardware and mounting patterns.
  • we re-extrudes trim not used to offer even lower prices to get your order.
  • Pigmented gauges of 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2".
Garden Accents Laser Cut Acrylic Sign

Where to Use Laser Cut Acrylic Letters.

  • When an intricate letterstyle or logo is required.
  • On designs with multiple layers and colors.
  • When working with a limited budget.
  • Under tight time constraints.
  • Indoor signage that falls under the closest scrutiny.