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SIGN 2000 Custom Cast Leaf
SIGN 2000 Letters Lifetime GuaranteeCast metal letters and logos have always imparted a stately aura of permanence, style, and class on the sites they adorn. Perhaps this is because the underlying casting process itself has changed so little over the past 1000 years. It may also be because the letter casting process allows for the creation of the deepest, sturdiest, most beautiful metal letters and logs. No matter the reason, SIGN 2000 is the only one to use for cast letter signage. SIGN 2000 has devoted 50,000 square feet to the storage of our CNC cut, hand finished patterns in over 50 of the most common letter styles. Our all-electric, pollution-free furnaces in Texas, Iowa and Minnesota melt the virgin bronze and aluminum ingot used in the process. Our hand finished product is produced for you in about 8 days ? often for less than what you would expect to pay for such quality.


SIGN 2000 Custom Cast Smith & Wesson Logo
Durability & Long Lasting Beauty.
  • Natural satin is standard but not the only option.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on all finishes.
  • Mounting hardware included with all orders with appropriate stud diameter for quality installation.
  • All materials cast are lead and mercury free.
SIGN 2000 Architectural Cast Bronze 'C' w/satin finish
Cast Metal Letters = Quality + Affordability.
  • Over 50 standard styles are more economical than sheet cut aluminum or bronze products.
  • The depth in cast letters is unmatched.
  • Custom logos are available at minimal expense?especially with repeat orders or duplicate pieces.
  • Our hand finished letters come in 16 different finishes including polished, anodized or oxidized.

SIGN 2000 Letters?Aroma Underground Cast Letters
Where to Use SIGN 2000 Cast Metal Letters and logos.
  • When depth is required in letterstyle and/or logo.
  • On professional offices, universities and government buildings.
  • When flat cut-out is too expensive.
  • When needing a sense of permanency.




  These types of mounting are included in the price of the letters
* Note: Bronze letters use stainless steel studs.
Flush to masonry. Threaded stud of aluminum set with non-staining cement.
Flush to wood threaded stud of aluminum with pointed end forced into under-sized holes with a small amount of non-staining cement on threads.
Aluminum tube spacers 1/4? to 1 1/2? projected mounting and aluminum studs up to 4?.
This is a channel or bar system that string each word together with bars on the back of letters.
This is a channel or bar system that string each word together with bars on the bottom of letters.
This is a U-Bracket that fastens the letter to the wall using an extension bracket at each stud
Free standing on aluminum bars or channels.
  Prices include bar/channel assembly (bar and channel size at Metal Arts discretion), special sizes bar/channel require price quote.

Letter styles #102 Kabel, #205 Prismatic are not recommended for base mounting. Bar and channel mounted letters are pre-drilled and fitted, but may be shipped unassembled. To be reassembled by you to avoid excessive crating and shipping charges. Wall mounting hardware not included. Bars, channels & angles remain mill finish unless otherwise requested.

Custom cast aluminum logo and custom cast bronze letters, produced from customer supplied artwork, 1.5? thickness, #20 green baked acrylic urethane enamel finish on the 32? aluminum logo, and clear acrylic urethane top coat on the #50 satin bronze finished 14? and 8? letters.
(Construction Supply, Inc. ? Fargo, ND) 

Custom cast aluminum letters and logo, produced from customer supplied artwork,
12? tall x 1? thickness, #40 dark bronze Duranodic finish. 
(Nebraska Neon Sign Co. ? Lincoln, NE)

Custom cast yellow brass letters, produced from customer supplied artwork, 1.5? thickness, #55 mirror polished finish with clear urethane topcoat. Letters are 4? tall, 24? tall and 17? tall.
(Temeka Sign Co., Inc. ? Temecula, CA)

Custom cast aluminum letters, produced from customer supplied artwork,
12? tall x 3/4? thickness, #40 gold anodized finish.
(Cook Sign Co. ? Fargo, ND) 

Custom Cast Aluminum letters and logo, produced from customer supplied artwork, 16? X ?? and 4? X ?? letters, produced from customer supplied artwork, #20 baked acrylic urethane enamel finish. 
(A Max Sign Company ? Tulsa, OK)

Custom cast aluminum letters; produced from customer supplied artwork, 7? tall x 3/4? thickness, #20 white baked acrylic urethane enamel finish.
(Squaw Valley Sign Shop)
  Metal Arts guarantees the acrylic urethane enamel is applied exactly to paint manufacturer's specifications. The manufacturer unconditionally guarantees paint against deterioration for ten years after installation.

Custom Colors?Metal Arts uses the most accurate state of the art coloring system available to the sign industry. PMS (Pantone) printing ink colors should be used as a guide only, as they cannot be matched exactly in opaque coatings.

Colors shown here are digital facsimile. Actual enamel finishes will vary somewhat from printed colors. Acrylic urethane enamel color chips for accurate color match are available upon request. Acrylic urethane is extremely durable, chemical and stain resistant with a maintenance free finish.

Charcoal Gray
Dark Gray
Medium Gray
Deep Brown
Medium Brown
Light Brown
Toludine Red
Fire Red
Chrome Yellow
Lemon Yellow
Medium Blue
Peacock Blue
Brite Blue
Majestic Blue
Dark Green
Medium Green
Light Green
Light Bronze
Medium Bronze
Dark Bronze
Brushed Brass
      #10 Satin Brite Aluminum
Faces are belt polished to a fine satin finish. Sides are sandblasted and finished with two coats of high grade clear lacquer coating.
    #20 Acrylic Baked Enamel
Two heavy coats of high grade acrylic urethane enamel. Baked at 200 degrees F. Custom colors add $100.00 per color.
    #30 Satin Alumilite
Faces and sides are belt polished to a fine satin finish and completed with a clear anodized finish.
      #40 Colored Anodic Finishes
Same as #30 Satin Alumilite except finish to be Kalcolor, Duranodic or Permanodic in light, medium or dark bronze, gold and black. (Note: Although anodic finishes are very durable, a variation in color may exist.)
    #50 Satin Bronze
or Yellow Brass

Faces are belt polished to a fine satin finish. Sides are sandblasted and finished with acrylic Polyurethane clear coating.
    #60 Oxidize Bronze
Letters are the same as #50 Satin Bronze except they are chemically oxidized to a dark statuary color, hand rubbed and protected with acrylic Polyurethane clear coating.