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Foam Craft Signs


  1. Core of structure is molded expanded polystyrene, 1#C.F.
  2. Aromatic fast cure urethane, impact resistant, hard coat finish.
  3. Finished surface is 100% aggregated acrylic
  4. 3" or 4" Schedule 40 PVC pipe is bonded into center of structure.
  5. Steel pipe is inserted into structure on site during installation and secured with expanding polymeric resin foam.
  6. Concrete footing as required by local code, post must typically extend 2'-4' into concrete.

  • DURABILITY- Hardcoat second to none- Highly impact, insect, and weather resistant. Ask for our durability sample, the "Hammer Sample"- a piece of foam trim sprayed with our plastic hardcoat.
  • VERSATILITY- We build Custom designs, our Standard Model Designs, and Modified Standard Model Designs built to Any Dimension. Incorporate Iluminated Cabinets, all types of Sign and Tenant Panels, Stud-Mounted Letters, or let us Raise or Recess your graphics for you. Your choice of colors.
  • COST EFFECTIVE- Affordable Wholesale Pricing, NORTHEAST, SOUTHEAST AND WEST COAST Facilities for quick turnaround and inexpensive freight nationwide.
  • EASY TO INSTALL- Two Simple Ground Mount Systems, Signs relatively lightweight.
  • EASY TO SELL- We help you sell- Free marketing material (CD, Standard Model Drawings, Color Charts, and Brochures) and support, unmatched customer service.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE- Quick quotes, Experienced Staff- Do not hesitate to give us a call.
  • DELIVERY - 3 manfacturing facilities for convenient low cost shipping rates. 
  • Tyrone, GA - Allentown, PA - Henderson, NV 

40 Standard Models to choose from!
Available in EPS, PDF, & Illustrator Formats!

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Key Features:
?Easy Installation - prefabricated, no site mess or weather delays.

Better looking - no exposed seams or fasteners, no "oil canning" as is likely with aluminum or plastic signs. Durable - Time proven fade resistant finish, weather and insect proof.

Easily repaired if unlikely damage occurs.

?Easily transported due to low weight and removable mounting posts.

Standard models available for simple design & layout.

Custom models available and welcome.
We also fabricate custom caps, columns, bases, pole covers & architectural trim.

Mounting is to be "Direct Burial" method of installation. PVC post sleeves are embedded into the sign core to allow steel mounting posts to slide in place just prior to mounting. Note: Steel posts are not included.

Step#1: Determine placement of sign and location of mounting holes.
Step#2: Utilize post hole diggers or auger drill, dig two holes, depth as required.
Step#3: Place steel posts into sleeves into bottom of sign, spray expanding polymeric resin foam into gap around post. Step#4: Place a couple of cinder blocks or any other "spacer device" on ground beside holes.
Step#5: Place sign onto blocks, placing post in the holes.
Step#6: Mix concrete according to directions on bag and pour into holes.
Step#7: Remove spacer blocks and allow sign to rest on ground.
Step#8: Level sign, clean up any debris, you're finished!