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Awnings are a great investment for any business or home. Their bright colors and distinctive shape make sure to add another dimension to your building. Their large size and outstretching shape serve not only to protect you from rain, snow, and sun, but are also a great way of adding elegance. We have a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, materials, and styles to choose from.

Every awning will be custom made to suit your individual tastes. Your awning can come complete with lighting, graphic work, and installation. We provide a Five-Year Warranty on our awnings and canopies. If you're still not sure an awning is right for you, just look through the pictures too see some of our work. See some examples of how an awning can transform a store front and add elegance to a home. You may click on the images on your right to access the corresponding pages.

Retractable Awnings / Residential

Residential awnings & canopies are a great investment for any home. They provide shade from the sun, keep you dry in the rain, and add that elegant look to your home. Residential Awnings can also raise the value of your home.

If you live in a windy area, you can have the option of installing wind sensors that allow the awning to retract to protect itself from any wind damages. You just let us install it and you will never have to worry about a thing again! Don't forget our great Five-Year Warranty. If you're still not sure an awning is right for your home, just look through the pictures ahead and see some examples of how an awning can add the right touch to your home.


Banners are an inexpensive way to get your advertisment put up. The can be used as a temporary means of advertisement or permanent one. They are made from a high quality material and can last a lifetime. If you ever need to change any information on your banner, just bring it into our shop we can change the message to whatever you want.

Banners can be used to promote your Band, Wedding, Graduation Party, Grand Openings, and much, much more!

Channel letters

Channel letter type signs are a great way to get your voice heard. Whether you want your business name to be visible from miles away or you just need a store department sign (Ex: Pharmacy) this is the sign for you.
They come in any size and color and can be installed on a variety of surfaces. Basically channel letter signs can be used to advertise virtually anything, anywhere!

LED Signs

LED Signs are useful for everday changing messages. You can display a clock or temperature at any time, then go to a personal message which can be changed at your ease. We will provide for you any size LED Sign to suit your business.

Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing is widely used nowadays. You can print onto virtually anything. If you need custom graphics on your vehicle or building it can be done with the simple idea of an adhesive print.

Menu Systems

Our Menu systems speak for theirselves. With backlit displays and interchangeable letters, this will be a one time investment for your business. Personalized graphics are also an option.

Wood & Gold Leafing

If you are looking for a oldtowne or elegant look then you should give wood engraving a try. Nothing can match that old classic conservative look that wood gives. It will last through rain, snow, or shine. The details on the sign can range from simple to intricate patterns.

Neon Signs

"Let there be light" is what we at Signs of 2000 like to say. Neon signs are possibly the most well known of all signs, it's not just a business, it's an art form. Getting your business name immortalized in neon is like getting your portrait taken.
Requiring both skill and talent, the outcome of Neon is unmistakable. Since we can mold neon into virtually any shape or size, you always get exactly what you ask for.

Some Of Our Services Include:

Awnings, Residential Awnings, Truck Lettering, Channel Letters, Neon Signs, Banners, Menu Systems, Fiber Optics, LED Displays, Large Format Printing, Vinyl Lettering, Logo Design, and much much more!






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